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Special Programs

Health Science Center At Brooklyn - State University of New York

For an appointment to one of the following special programs at the Children’s Hospital at Downstate, please call the main appointment number, (718)-270-4714, or call directly:


Pediatric Sleep Center: (718-252-1117

Pediatric Dialysis and Kidney Transplantation: (718) 270-4714

Pediatric Asthma Center: (718)-270-4247

Pediatric Pulmonary Function Testing: (718) 270-1524

Pediatric Exercise Physiology: (718) 270-4714

“Downstart” (Weight Loss): (718)-270-8211

Digestive Disease Center:  (718) 270-4714

Sickle Cell Program:  (718) 270-4714  also please visit:

HIV Programs

                               HEAT Program 718-467-4446

                               FACES Program 718-270-3185