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Appointments and Admitting

Health Science Center At Brooklyn - State University of New York

Pediatric Sub-Specialist/Consultant Office Appointments


Outpatient appointments for most of our pediatric sub-specialists can be made at this one number; otherwise, our operators will transfer your call to the appropriate office.  From 5pm until 9am on weekdays, and on weekends, an answering service will take your message.  We will return your call the next business day.

For urgent pediatric sub-specialist consultations, please call the Downstate paging operator (718)-270-2121. Ask to page the physician on-call for that sub-specialty

Inpatient Admissions and Other Phone Contacts:

Physicians — to arrange a direct admission to the Children’s Hospital at Downstate, please call the chief resident’s pager



Pediatric Chief Residents Office: (718) 270-1480

SUNY Downstate Paging Operator: (718) 270-2121

Pediatric Emergency Room: (718) 270-8266

Pediatric Critical Care Unit (NS 43): (718) 270-2806

General Pediatrics Inpatient Unit (NS 42):  (718) 270-2808

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit: (718) 270-2091

Stephan Kohlhoff MD, Downstate Inpatient Director: (718) 270-7588)

Stanley E. Fisher MD, Chair of Pediatrics: (718) 270-1911

Simon S Rabinowitz MD, Vice-Chair for Faculty Practice: (718) 270-1647


SUNY Downstate Pediatrics College of Medicine website:

University Physicians of Brooklyn website: